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Side angle of a humpback fluke

Fluke of southeastern Alaska ID 2070

Researcher photographing whales in Seymour Canal, Alaska

Angled fluke of a humpback

Flukes of southeastern Alaska whale 455

Researchers matching whale flukes during field work

Flukes of southeastern Alaska whale 1326

A feeding humpback whale, Frederick Sound

Whales fluking in Seymour Canal

This catalog contains photographs of nearly 1900 different humpback whales taken in southeastern Alaska from 1979 to present. Each whale can be identified by the unique black and white pattern on the underside of the flukes.  Within this catalog the whales are grouped by color pattern. Whales with no white on their flukes comprise nearly half of the catalog; therefore this color pattern is subdivided by the width (narrow or wide) of the notch between each fluke.  Each color division contains pages of thumbnail photographs. Located directly under each photo is a unique identification number for each whale.

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100% to 75% white
75% to 50% white
50% to 25% white 
25% or less white
0% white with narrow notch
0% white with wide notch

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Many researchers have shared sighting histories and contributed photographs throughout the years.

Our thanks go to:

University of Alaska Southeast, Jennifer Cedarleaf, Rob Billideau, Steve Lewis, Elizabeth Mathews, Heather Riley, Kevin Riley, Jan Straley, Bree Witteveen, Nia White, Betsy Wilson, Manami Yamaguchi

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
Alex Andrews, Scott Baker, Ellen Chenoweth,Chris Gabriele, Tracy Hart, Janet Neilson, Tania Lewis, Anjanette Perry, Mark Schroeder, Melissa Senac, Jan Straley

J. Straley Investigations 
Renee DeVito, Curtis Edwards, Jim and Carol Greenough, Tom Griffin, Richard Nelson, Jan and John Straley

NOAA, Alaska Fisheries Science Center(AFSC), Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, Auke Bay Laboratories(ABL)
John Moran, Suzie Teerlink, J.J. Vollenweider 

Sitka Sound Science Center
Ellen Chenoweth, Carrie Hisaoka, Linda Speerstra, Lauren Wild

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Janet Neilson, Betsy Wilson

Alaska Whale Foundation
Sean Hanser, Fred Sharpe, Andy Szabo

NOAA, Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC)
Jay Barlow, Siri Hakala, Michael Richlen

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Kelly Hastings, Laurie Jemison, Jamie King, Steve Lewis

Cascadia Research Collective
John Calambokidis, Erin Falcone, Greg Schorr

Whale Trust
Jim Darling, Flip Nicklin

Humboldt State University, Dept Biological Sciences
Jeff Jacobsen

Dena Matkin Research
Dena Matkin

Albatross Research Group
Rod McVicar, Louis Rzen, Chris Tulloch

North Gulf Oceanic Society
Craig Matkin, Eva Saulitis

Alaska SeaLife Center
Russ Andrews

NOAA, National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML)
Marilyn Dahlheim, Sally Mizroch, Christy Sims

Other Contributors
Tim Cole, Laurie Countryman, Volker Deecke, Stephanie Fernandez, Charles Jurasz, Carley Lowe, Bud Marschner, Jim Nahmens, Paul Norwood, Kathy Peavey, Heather Peterson, Tim Shobe, Leslie Slater, Bill Stehl

Photographs in this catalog were taken under NOAA scientific research permits issued to each researcher and, where applicable, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee authorization.  A NOAA permit authorizes research activities under the provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act. Numerous permits were issued to contributing researchers which are available upon request. 

If you have a photo of the flukes of a humpback whale taken in southeastern Alaska please visit the Contribute Sightings page of this website to see how your photograph can help with our research.




Flukes of southeastern Alaska whales 900 and 533